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Commonly while you are working in Flutter, you might want to permit onTap in the Container gadget. Notwithstanding, the Container gadget doesn’t have onTap or onPress strategy. So this post is actually for you, toward the finish of this post we will know 2 different ways to empower onTap technique in a Container.

clickable Container in Flutter

Naturally, there is no onTap strategy in the Container gadget. So it can make a few designers, including me, befuddle a ton since they don’t have a clue how to make an interactive Container. I will acquaint you 2 different ways with do it without any problem:

  • Wrap Container with InkWell gadget
  • Utilizing GestureDetector to distinguish a tick

Utilizing InkWell gadget to make an interactive Container

So what is InkWell? furthermore, how it can make a Container interactive? We will make it clear in this part.

In Flutter, InkWell is a material gadget that reacts to contact activity.

Reference underneath code to perceive how to make an interactive Container with InkWell

    child: Container(...),
    onTap: () { 
        print("Tapped on container"); 

GestureDetector gadget to recognize a signal

As its name can show precisely the gadget capacity. GestureDetector is a gadget that identifies the signals.

It implies on the off chance that we wrap the Container inside a GestureDetector, we can make an interactive Container.

Presently use underneath linguistic structure to do what you need and appreciate the purpose:

    onTap: () { 
        print("Tapped a Container"); 
    child: Container(...),

Distinction between 2 techniques

We definitely realize 2 techniques to make an interactive Container. Presently we attempt to call attention to the contrast between it. So you can pick the most reasonable strategy for your case.

  • InkWell is a material gadget and it can show you an enhanced visualization at whatever point a touch was gotten.
  • GestureDetector is more broadly useful, for contact as well as for different signals.
  • Some of the time you can encounter an issue that GestureDetector can’t identify contact activity on free space, just distinguish the touch on kid gadget of Container.


Presently we can sum up 2 strategies to make a Container interactive in Flutter:

  • Utilizing InkWell gadget to wrap the Container.
  • Identifying contact activity by utilizing GestureDetector.

In this extent of the post, we can’t show you more data about InkWell gadget and GestureDetector gadget. It’s strongly suggested you discover more data in the official archive of Flutter:


It’s all About this issue. Hope all solution helped you a lot. Comment below Your thoughts and your queries. Also, Comment below which solution worked for you? Thank You.

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