How to disable text edit field in flutter ?

TextField Widget in Flutter Application is utilized to get information from clients and store that information into the information base. So in this article, we will be experiencing How to Disable TextField In Flutter?

How to Disable TextField In Flutter?

TextField presently has empowered property. where you can simply cripple the TextField like

new TextField(
    enabled: false, 

TextField and TextFormField both have a contention called empowered. You can handle it utilizing a boolean variable. enabled=true implies it will go about as an altering text field though enabled=false will Disable the TextField Widget.

Make AlwaysDisabledFocusNode and pass it to the focusNode property of a TextField Widget

class AlwaysDisabledFocusNode extends FocusNode {
  bool get hasFocus => false;


new TextField(
    enableInteractiveSelection: false, // will disable paste operation
    focusNode: new AlwaysDisabledFocusNode(),

Client can likewise attempt like an underneath:

    enableInteractiveSelection: false,
    focusNode: FocusNode(),

enableInteractiveSelection will incapacitate content choice of TextField .

Like debilitated in HTML

    enable: false

You can likewise get it going like underneath:

      absorbing: true,  //To disable from touch use false while **true** for otherwise
      child: Your WidgetsName

I have utilized a blend of readOnly and enableInteractiveSelection properties to accomplish the ideal conduct on the TextField Widget.

  readOnly: true,
  enableInteractiveSelection: true,
  onTap: () {


In this article, We have experienced How to Disable TextField Widget In Flutter?

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